Dyspraxia Foundation Adult Conference 2019

A week ago today, I arrived in Birmingham for the Dyspraxia Foundation Adult Conference. I’d been looking forward to it for months, but even so, it surpassed my expectations. First things first though, after getting off the train I had to get lost trying to find my hotel in the rain! I had planned to […]

Dyspraxia, Exercise and Me (#Walk1000miles)

I don’t remember ever having a good relationship with my body. I don’t mean how it looks, although there is that. But how it functions, or struggles to function. I feel guilty saying that – lots of people have bigger struggles than me. And yet, for most of my life, I’ve seen my body more […]

Dyspraxia and Adult Diagnosis: The Aftermath and Impact

Following on from my posts about why I sought an assessment for dyspraxia and how the process went for me, in this post I’ll share the immediate and longer-term ways in which being diagnosed has had an impact on my life over the past 17 months. How did you feel when you were told you […]

Dyspraxia and Adult Diagnosis: How?

Earlier this week, I posted about why I sought an assessment for dyspraxia as an adult. Following on from that, this post covers my experience of the assessment process via my university. I’ll also share some tips that helped or would have helped me during the process – some will be aimed at people seeking diagnosis, others will be more relevant to professionals involved in making that diagnosis.

Dyspraxia and Adult Diagnosis: Why?

I was in my late 20s when I first seriously considered that I might be dyspraxic. For much of my life, I had wondered if there was something wrong with me that would explain my general lack of coordination, but I didn’t know what that something might be.

When I read about and learned about dyspraxia, a bubble of hope sprung up inside me. Could this be the thing, could it be possible that I wasn’t making something out of nothing?

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