Dyspraxia Foundation Adult Conference 2019

A week ago today, I arrived in Birmingham for the Dyspraxia Foundation Adult Conference. I’d been looking forward to it for months, but even so, it surpassed my expectations. First things first though, after getting off the train I had to get lost trying to find my hotel in the rain! I had planned to […]

Dyspraxia, Exercise and Me (#Walk1000miles)

I don’t remember ever having a good relationship with my body. I don’t mean how it looks, although there is that. But how it functions, or struggles to function. I feel guilty saying that – lots of people have bigger struggles than me. And yet, for most of my life, I’ve seen my body more […]

Dining Out and Dyspraxia

What kinds of things do you consider when planning to eat out at a restaurant, cafe or pub? I always imagine most people think about what kind of food they want, whether they like the atmosphere, how much it will cost, where they want to go. Like many people, I enjoy catching up with friends […]

The Clumsiness Connection

For a long time, being clumsy was one of my least favourite things about myself. I’d try to hide it (which made it worse). I’d burn with embarrassment whenever I dropped something, tripped, or bumped into something, and pray that no-one commented. And, yes, there is still that moment of feeling hot and red when […]

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